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April 2012

April 26, 2012

My Laundry & Mud Room


I'm a big believer in wallpaper in the laundry room. I think it adds a happiness to the room and makes me want to be in there. Good thing, because we go through a lot of laundry each week!

Because I'm short, I needed to keep the counters as low as possible. Rather than build a countertop over the washer and dryer, I opted to simply use the tops of the washer and dryer as counter space. It works great.


The shelf on the left (shown above) doubles as a hanging rack for freshly ironed clothing. I can iron and hang each piece as I go along. When I'm done, I take the clothing off the hanging bar and into the closets where they belong. It also works really well for hanging items I need to air dry. The shelf is really high, so it's not practical to store things on top. I'm on the lookout for just the right decorative piece to place there at some point.


The shelves on the right began with a mistake. When the cabinet installers hung what was supposed to be the only shelf on that wall, they hung it too high, as I'd be unable to reach any laundry products up there. Rather than have the shelf removed, and have wallpaper damage, I had them hang another shelf, just below. I had originally planned on hanging artwork above the lower shelf, but now just use the higher shelf to hold rotating art.


The room doubles as a mudroom, as it's the entryway from the garage.


I made the bench out of an old wooden box I found at the Funky Junk antiques show. I use a standard pillow and pillowcase as the cushion.



Just to the left of the bench is a big closet which holds coats, shoes, hats, gloves, and the ironing board.


And to the left of that is the entryway cabinet, perfect for setting down armloads when we walk in the door.


It's also home to one of my favorite finds ever - this great old key rack I found at Hunt & Gather in Minnesota.


Tomorrow I'll be sharing the closer details of the room and my favorite features.

Wallpaper: Wallflowers, Spokane, WA

Farm Painting: Forget Me Not, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Small Basket near window: Funky Junk Jennifer, via the Funky Junk show, Sandpoint, ID

Towels: Walmart

Washer & Dryer: Bosch

Large Laundry Chute Basket: Silver Suitcase, via Roost, Spokane, WA

Wooden Box: Funky Junk Hollie, via the Funky Junk show, Sandpoint, ID

Cowboy Boots: Forget Me Not, Sandpoint, ID

Entryway Rug: Ikea

Keyrack: Hunt & Gather, Minneapolis, MN

Countertops: Fabricated by Carlson Sheet Metal, Spokane, WA

Beadboard Wall Tile, Tile Trim, and Tile Design: Dirk Elliot Tile, Spokane, WA

Our home was designed by Nancy McKennon.

Our builder was Craig Powell of Powell Custom Homes. (509) 994-2831 (He doesn't have a website).

A note about my sources: I try and identify my sources as often as possible and love promoting other businesses. My policy is that if I love something or have had a good experience with a product or service, I try to promote it, when possible. Sometimes, I'm disappointed with a product or service and won't provide that source. I understand that thousands of readers visit my blog every day and I realize that if I were to say something negative about a product or source, my opinion could have a negative impact on a business, and that's not what I want. If I don't list a source, it's not because I'm stingy, I just choose to keep it positive here. Thank you for understanding.

April 25, 2012

The Magic Lantern

We in Spokane are so lucky to have an independent movie theater - The Magic Lantern.


This theater holds so  many happy memories for our family. Like the time Colin took me on a surprise date to see El Bulli, the time Lukie and I saw Being Elmo,


and many more dad/son, mom/son nights at the theater.


Want to know my favorite thing about The Magic Lantern?


The service. I can't remember a time when the little control room window didn't open and we're greeted with a welcome and a check to make sure the temperature in the theater is okay. See above? Isn't that the greatest?


But that's the beauty of a small mom and pop business isn't it? Spokane is so lucky.


Looking for other great things to see and do around Spokane? Find some of my favorites here.

Traveling in for The Farm Chicks Show? You can find lodging and dining information on my website.

Note: I have no affiliation with The Magic Lantern Theater. I just enjoy sharing the places I love.

April 24, 2012

Spring on the Palouse

Spring has come to the Palouse. The other night, we took a drive to see.




Each year as the crops come in, it feels like a new beginning.



With every spring, a fresh start.









And that's a beautiful thing, isn't it?

*    *    *    *

Between posts on my website, I document my life on Instagram. You can follow along with me there.

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April 19, 2012

Organization For Your Home Office

HGTV recently asked me to participate in a project for decorating home offices.


I think it's always great to try and use what you have to help organize your life - especially your office space. You can see lots of great ideas by visiting the HGTV site here.

April 17, 2012

Happy Trails to You

The day after I graduated from high school I caught a plane to Alaska to work for the summer. Turned out that summer would turn into seven years.

I needed to put my little town in the rear-view mirror. Our family had always struggled to get by and the feeling that I could never get ahead felt claustrophobic to me. I didn't understand it at the time, but that feeling was much like what my parents felt when they set out on their journey as hippies, long before there was a me.

After I'd been living in Alaska for about two years, my parents sent me a video tape - a documentary about the sixties - which was their way of explaining why they'd chosen to live the way we did - first in the Gypsy Wagon, and then eventually off the grid, in the mountains of Siskiyou County. And after watching it, I understood we'd all been seeking freedom from the lives we'd been living. It made more sense to me.

Gypsy wagon family photo
My family and our Gypsy Wagon

My parents journey was one of peace and happiness as we traveled about North America. They named it Happy Trails. And everywhere we went, that was their message: "Happy Trails to You!" They had found their peace and love and wanted to spread it around the world.

We made our income from donations people would give us for getting a tour of our little home on wheels and by selling postcards with the image of our Gypsy Wagon and the happy trails message that my brother, sister, and I would handstamp on each one.

Book images_0003

When I grew up, it was a message that stuck with me and that I try and pass along whenever I can. My happy trails message is be happy! Spread joy in what you do. Lift up others whenever you can. Shine a light on the good that exists in the world. And we will all be better because of it.

Happy Trails to You!

P.S. Now you know why this Happy Trails to You message bids you farewell as you leave The Farm Chicks Show each year. ♥

April 13, 2012

The Week In Review

I returned from Arizona full of sun. It was the perfect way to head into Monday.

Monday morning I had another surgery. As I lay in my room waiting, I couldn't help but overhear all of the sad stories of the patients in the rooms around me. It was a good reminder that I have so much to be thankful for. I decided that every day I want to tell a few people (other than my family) how much they mean to me.

My bulbs are all coming up. The first spring in our new home means seeing all of my plantings coming to life. I'm so excited about that.

Colin planted a whole slew of Christmas trees on the back of our property. (If you've read my Christmas Book, you understand this is a big deal for my guy). I can't wait for our future Christmas parties where our friends and family can come and get a tree.

I started reading this book.

We watched Bill Cunningham New York. I was inspired. Creative, lovely people affect me in that way.

I made plans for a super fun event with my friend, Samantha Cabrera. We'll be telling you all about it and inviting you soon.

I'm feeling better each day. Today I'm looking forward to having lunch with Alisa at Mizuna. It's one of my favorite restaurants in Spokane. (You can see my list of favorites here).

What did you do this week and most importantly, what made you happy?


April 11, 2012


My family and I just returned from spring break in Arizona. I love it there. We started out with several days at the Arizona Grand Resort where we played in the water park, relaxed by the pool, and went for occasional hikes.


Colin get up extra early every morning to go mountain biking on the trails behind the resort. I love how he likes to squeeze every moment out of the day.

We watched the Mariners get ready for their season on a beautiful warm evening in Peoria.


And then awoke the next day to take in the desert and all its beauty.

IMG_1203 IMG_1205

IMG_1207 IMG_1208

IMG_1209 IMG_1210

IMG_1241 IMG_1250

IMG_1268 IMG_1281

We watched climbers reaching for the sky.


Then we road-tripped North to see something grand.


The Grand Canyon.

Something so majestic it makes you catch your breath. Greater than anything you can imagine. I can still close my eyes and feel the air that swirled around me and gave me the feeling of forever.

You can feel forever there.


April 10, 2012



What can you do with Sixlets?


Make yummy candy bracelets:


Festoon a cake!


Deck the walls.


And why not?

A sweet day is a happy day.



Between posts on my website, I document my life on Instagram. You can follow along with me there, Username: thefarmchicks



April 03, 2012

Once Upon A Burger

Once upon a time, there was a boy who woke up bright and early. He grabbed a leftover hamburger patty and made himself a burger deluxe. Then he took some lovely potatoes and sliced them up just so. And sizzle went those potatoes until they were fries.


Then he set his amazing creation down and marveled at his work.


And he proclaimed it the tastiest in all the land.

April 02, 2012

The Old Cabbage Farm

The old cabbage farm next door looks so quiet today.


She's waiting for her lilacs to bloom and the bees to come and play. Bzzzzzz Bzzzzz, she can almost hear them. Don't worry, sweet girl it will all be here soon. Just like last year.


And then we will sing our song of spring.

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